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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

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The Post Office Has Taken 11 Blue Mail Boxes From The Residents Of Port Chester

The local Post Office has removed about a third of the mail boxes from the streets of Port Chester and Rye Brook.

22 Mail Boxes Remain In Port Chester and Rye Brook.

Many Port Chester Village Residents are upset at the removal of the blue.

The biggest complaint is that there was notice from the local Post Office.

Further, many residents feel that these notices should have listed the site of next nearest street side mail box.

1 comment:

Welcome To Port Chester Roundup - said...

The Removed Boxes Were Located At:

54 Bonwit Road
41 Broad Street
7 Hewlett Place
59 Hillcrest
128 North Main Street
400 North Ridge Street
7 Rye Ridge Plaza
124 Rye Ridge Plaza
265 South Ridge Street
165 Terrace Avenue
157 Westchester Avenue

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