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Friday, July 6, 2007

Archive 2007 January 31 Port Chester News Wire

Charged with manslaughter in the second degree
(WABC, January 29, 2007) - A 60-year-old woman is charged with using her car as a weapon to kill her ex-boyfriend.

It happened near the victim's home on Exchange Place in Port Chester.

Eyewitness News reporter Marcus Solis is there with the story.

Police say that after the suspect hit her ex-boyfriend, driving 20 miles north to her town of Mount Kisco and went to police there, and that's where she was promptly arrested.

Maureen Jackson headed to court today to face manslaughter charges. Police say last night the 60-year-old ran over and killed her ex-boyfriend in a fit of rage.
Around 9:30, officers found Jeffrey Scribman on the ground. He would die a short time later. According to police, Scribman was trying to stop Jackson from driving away from his apartment.
The libertarian economics professor opines: "Can the government force one to sell his property? James Madison said yes, so long as it was for a public use and the owner was paid a fair market value. Thomas Jefferson was opposed to a person being forced to sell his property for a public use, arguing that the essence of private property is the right to exclude anyone, including government, from the property. But Madison's view prevailed, hence the Fifth Amendment provision. In recent years, state and local governments have been running roughshod over private property rights in ways that would have horrified our founders. In the 1959 Courtesy Sandwich Shop case, a New York court held that if the tax collector collects more taxes by taking the private property of one party and transferring it to another, that's a public use permitted by the Constitution. Recently, the city of Port Chester, N.Y., gave a private developer virtual power to condemn property within its designated redevelopment area. Bart Didden and Dominick Bologna, owners of property within the redevelopment area, approached the private developer for a permit to build a CVS pharmacy on their land. The developer told them to pay him $800,000 or give him a 50 percent interest in the CVS pharmacy or he'd have the local government condemn the land. Didden and Bologna refused, and the next day their land was condemned. The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the local government's decision, which is nothing less than sanctioning extortion. Napolitano concluded his speech pointing out something that few Americans appreciate. Natural rights do not come from government; they spring from our humanity."
Mount Kisco woman accused of killing boyfriend after dispute in Port Chester
PORT CHESTER - A 60-year-old Mount Kisco her boyfriend by driving into him as he stood in front of her car, trying to prevent her from leaving his home after an argument Sunday ... via Journal News

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