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Monday, August 6, 2007

08/06/07 - Hologram Recorded Five Songs In Port Chester



The last day of tracking was last night. Will and Max from Lions & Tigers came up to Purchase, NY where we finished up the vocal tracking. This is the only collection of songs that I've tracked in the past month and a half that I will not be mixing myself.....

......Hologram was up here in Port Chester recording five songs from Thursday to Saturday. We recorded in this big Jazz rehearsal room at SUNY Purchase that has a huge sound. It was pretty fun recording in such a huge space and getting so much reverb and all that fun stuff! Uh-Huh!....

......Recording with these guys was really great. They are playing at this show "Serpent Fest" in Brooklyn this weekend. Here's the flyer, which is drawn by my friend Jason Roy!

Reporter: Chester Endersby Gwazda

Reporter Contact Information: cgwazda@gmail.com or call (609) 439-7523

Additional Comments: Guild of Birthdays is a traveling recording project designed for independent musicians. It's about providing DIY and home recording dudes the means to create totally wicked sounding songs of utmost quality without needing to go to a stuffy studio. It's about getting sounds with character through collaboration. It's about being number one, and being so incredibly cool about it.

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