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Friday, October 26, 2007

10/26/07 - Stupidvisor Wanna Be Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin Is Acting Like A Cry Baby In The We$tmore $nooze


Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin Gets Caught Using Unfair Campaign Tactics That Involved The Hopelessly Biased Rag Known As The Westmore News.

Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin Says He Feels That These Rulings By The Westchester County Campaign Practices Committee About His Unfair Campaign Practices Is A Joke.


"Brian Harrod Is Endeavoring To Destroy My Livlyhood" - Joe Carvin In The Westmore News Story GOP Campaign Practices found by group to be unfair.


This is what I hate about Millionaire Hedge Fund Managers like Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin.

They never want to take personal responsibility for their screw ups.

First the screw up the mortgage and real estate markets, and then they tell us the Federal Reserve should use our tax dollars to bail out their bad investment decisions.

But, in the meantime no one is talking about bailing out the single family homeowners who are losing their homes, because of the reckless investments made by a bunch of hedge fund guys.

It Is Time For Joe Carvin To Take Personal Responsibility For The Stupid Mistakes Made By His Hedge Fund Altima Partners.

Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin is all upset, because I put this post up on Port Chester Roundup.....

Now instead of being a man and saying Yes, my hedge fund Altima Partners really screwed up big time and probably lost 55 Million Dollars of other peoples money.

Joe Carvin wants to blame Brian Harrod for Altima Partners failure to do propper due diligence.

The Harvard Educated Fool Needs To Realize That Brian Harrod Is Only The Messenger.

Why in the hell is Stupidvisor Wanna Be Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin trying to blame me for Altima Partner's lack of common sense.

Did I Put A gun to Joe Carvin or Altima Partner's head and say give 5 Million Dollars to a bunch of Tajik Gold Mining Hustlers.

Look if Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin and Altima Partners can't come clean about this % Million Dollar Gold deal gone bad, then I would advise any investors to pull there money out now, before the make another stupid investment and try and blame it on a little guy named Brian Harrod.

What's Going To Happen If Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin Screws Up Things in The Town Of Rye?

Is he going to try and blame his screw ups on Brian Harrod and Port Chester Roundup?

Now I know that Rye Town Supervisor Robert Moribito says that he dose not read Port Chester Roundup. I also know that Mr. Moribito thinks that people like Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin who do read Port Chester Roundup needs to get a life.

No while I want as many visitors to Port Chester Roundup as possible, I am beginning to agree with Supervisor Moribito when it comes to Joe Carvin freaking out over Port Chester Roundup.

Let's face it Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin is so upset with Port Chester Roundup uncovering his hedge funds stupid investment decisions. He wants to blame poor Little Brian Harrod for loosing 5 Million Bucks of other peoples money.

Joe Carvin and only Joe Carvin is responsible for his investment decisions.

Just because I report the facts about the 5 Million that went to Tajik Gold slammers, doesn't mean that I had anything to do with this horrifically bad investment decision.

Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin Had Better Wake Up And Start Focusing His Campaign In Rye Brook, Because He Might Have A Chance Of Winning That Section Of The Town Of Rye.

Port Chester is starting to learn the truth about Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin and Bernie "I Forgot To Pay Over 100 Property Tax Bills" Abel.

Port Chester residents are not stupid. The last thing they need is three Millionaires from Rye Brook in charge of their property taxes.

Thanks to Port Chester Roundup the residents of Port Chester know that Rye Town taxes have went down two years in a row while school taxes have went through the roof.

The residents of Port Chester like the fact that Rye Town taxes have went down two years in a row and they don't want some reckless hedge fund guy screwing things up.

Maybe The Harvard Educated Fool Can Trick The Residents Of Rye Brook.

Let's face it most of the residents of Rye Brook only get their information from the hopelessly biased Westmore News. Most residents in Rye Brook don't know that The Town Of Rye cut taxes two years in a row. Most residents of Rye Brook don't know about Joe Carvin and the reckless investments his hedge fund made with other peoples money.

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