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Saturday, November 24, 2007

10/24/07 - "There's nothing better than having a training partner, but when you don't, the Butterfly Rings are a great alternative," Sufu Coram says

Sifu Stephen Coram of Port Chester invented the Butterfly Rings as a way to help martial artists develop their control and focus when they practice.

The Patent Trader

The room is silent save for the clinking of the hollow metal rings that encircle their forearms. Prompted by Chinese phrases called out by their teacher, Sifu Stephen Coram, the students advance toward a mirror punching the air in slow motion and blocking imaginary opponents with their open palms.....

... and expose the body to attack. They're called Butterfly Rings, and they were invented and patented by Coram, a Port Chester resident and father of three who is a sifu (the Cantonese term for teacher) in Wing Chun Kung Fu. In a martial art where ...

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