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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Archive Port Chester News Wire 2006 September 22 -30

District says a bad story failed a good high school

By Jeff Benzak

The Port Chester-Rye Union Free School District defended its record following a newspaper article that board members and administrators deemed misleading.

The article, which appeared in the Sept. 13 Journal News, mentioned that Port Chester High School was listed by the state Education Department as “requiring academic progress.” The article ran under the front-page headline “9 Westchester schools cited as substandard.”
Dominic Bencivenga, president of the school board, did not dispute the facts... [more]

Former city cop has a new beat: PCHS


By Jeff Benzak
Richard Pepe stood in a dark grey suit in the main hallway of Port Chester High School Wednesday afternoon. The final bell (they’re electronic these days) chimed at 2:48 p.m., and the hallway buzzed with teenage angst and energy. It was busy, frantic, colorful and loud. It was, as Pepe noted, like Times Square.
Pepe is the new security... [more]

Village wants to hear from residents on electoral redistricting plans

By Jananne Abel

In a letter received in April, the U.S. Department of Justice has threatened the Village of Port Chester with a lawsuit claiming that the voting rights of Hispanics have been violated by the at-large voting system currently in place. Despite the large percentage of Hispanics in the village, none have ever been elected to public office. In order to avoid a lawsuit, the Department of Justice has proposed three electoral redistricting plans... [more]

Women cook tomato sauce the old-fashioned way

By Jeff Benzak

Rosa Dilfico and Antonetta Pennella stood side by side in a garage on Clinton Street in Port Chester recently. They wore floral-patterned aprons and clutched in their hands giant wooden spoons three feet long. With those spoons they churned industrial- sized pots filled with steaming red tomatoes.

The metal pots were heated by fuel from small propane tanks... [more]

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