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Thursday, March 17, 2011

03/17/11 Digital Dinosaur Richard Abel Can't Figure Out How To Get Video Up On The Web, But The Port Chester Patch News Website Has No Problem

Ace Port Chester Reporter Nik Bonopartis Is Eating Richard Abel's Lunch !!!!

Ace Reporter Nik Bonopattis Is Like The Clark Kent Of Port Chester, While Westmore News Publisher Richard Abel looks Like Cub Reporter Jimmy Olsen

Westmore Snooze Publisher Richard "My Daddy Gave me This Newspaper After He Forgot To Pay Over 100 Property Tax Bills" Abel Can't Even Seem To Get One Report About Tuesdays Election Up On His Web Site, While Former Westmore News Reporter Nik Bonopartis Has Put Up Multiple Stories And Videos At Port Chester Patch.

Watch The Following Video Very Closely And You Will See Richard Abel Looking A Bit Lost In The Crowd As Real Journalists Get The Interviews And The Story Up On The Web.

Just Before Carolee Brakewood Is Interviewed, And As The Crowd Is Yelling,"Dennis, Dennis, Dennis !!!", You Will See The Jimmy Olsen Of Port Chester News Gathering Looking Dazed And Confused As A Camera Hangs From His Neck....

Video: Supporters React as Pilla Wins Re-Election

Supporters chanted the mayor's name as Trustee Dan Brakewood announced Dennis Pilla's victory Tuesday night.

Trustee Dan Brakewood stood on a chair inside Chavin Restaurant, hammering the wood divider in front of him for emphasis as he shouted to be heard above the crowd.

"...to our next mayor," Brakewood said, "Dennis Pilla!"

And he was drowned out by the cheers of the incumbent mayor's supporters, who broke out into an impromptu chant of "Dennis! Dennis! Dennis!" as Pilla was mobbed by well-wishers.

That was the scene Tuesday night, as Pilla's campaign set up shop in the Peruvian eatery and supporters packed in to await the results.

Click on the video to watch clips of the crowd's reaction, and Pilla's thoughts on returning to office for another two years.....

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